Southside Community Center

Alderman Purtee along with other City leaders, are in the planning process for a modern, multi-age, multi-cultural community resource center. This facility will house a youth development center, a senior center, and City resources to include police and revenue. We will keep you updated on each step of the process.  

Southside Legacy Project

This project envisions the retrofit of the Savannah Mall and surrounding areas to create a new town center and neighborhood to leverage the economic power of a growing campus of the Georgia Southern University Armstrong (GSU-Armstrong) and surrounding businesses. 

Coffee Bluff Marina Improvements

Alderman Purtee is continually looking for ways to improve our recreational areas. This area is a private-public partnership that creates opportunities for our community. We are investing in ways for all of our community to be able to use this resource, including but not limited to fishing, boat washing, and dining experiences.  

Tribble Park Improvements


Windsor Park Improvements


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Mailing: PO Box 60913 Savannah GA- 31420

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